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2011 Workshop on Affective Computational Intelligence

Wann 11.04.2011 um 00:00 bis
15.04.2011 um 00:00
Wo Paris, France
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Affective or emotional computing covers a wide range of issues, challenges and approaches, both for emotion simulation (in particular for new generations of intelligent agents), emotion elicitation, expression and recognition. The latter is declined along several types of modalities and media data, such as physiological signals, facial expressions, speech, text, images and video. Each of these modalities and media raises specific requirements.
Thus, affective computing raises new challenges for computational intelligence, regarding e.g. computational representations of emotions and affective states, on the basis of psychological models, the architecture of systems modeling and processing these concepts as well as dedicated machine learning techniques appropriate to deal with the specificity of the related data.
The 2011 Workshop on Affective Computational Intelligence aims at gathering researchers from the various disciplines contributing to the domain, to offer a global and comprehensive overview of the current state of the art on this challenging and fast developing field.

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