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Sie sind hier: Startseite Lehre Sommersemester 2016 Wiss. Seminar: Humor, Sprache und Computer Termine und Themen (Stand 25.04.16)

Termine und Themen (Stand 25.04.16)

Termin Name Vorname Kapitel* Info

G01 Diskussion der Lektüre "Introduction"

Diskussion der Lektüre "Technologies That Make You Smile: Adding Humor to Text-Based Applications" (Mihalcea)

G02 Diskussion der Lektüre "Meaning in the language system: aspects of form and meaning"
05.05 --- --- --- Feiertag
12.05 Puesche Daniel D04 Twisted words: word structure and meaning
12.05 Haider Lars G04 Semantics and the conceptual meaning of lexis
19.05 Daase Christian D05 Fitting words together: phrase structure and meaning
26.05 Wehrstedt Marcel G06 Textual meaning and genre
26.05 Stocker Hannes G07 Metaphor and figures of speech
02.06 Wilhelm Alexander D06 Meaning one thing and saying another: indirect speech and conversational principles
02.06 Camastro Gianluca G08 Pragmatics, reference and speech-acts
09.06 Neumann Jenny G09 Pragmatics: co-operation and politeness
16.06 Nguyen Hiep Duc G10 Relevance theory, schemas and deductive inference
16.06 Labsch Dominic G11 Lexical priming: information, collocation, predictability and humour
23.06 Luehe Lennart von der
Das System HAHAcronym
30.06 Schmidt Alexander-Maurice
Die Systeme JAPE und STANDUP




G: Kapitel aus "Meaning and Humor", Andrew Goatly, Cambridge University Press, 2012

D: Kapitel aus "Understanding Language through Humor", Stanley Dubinsky, Chris Holcomb, Cambridge University Press, 2011