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Writer's Workshop: Scientific Writing for Computer Science

Veranstaltungstyp Seminar
Dozenten Prof. Dr. Dietmar Rösner, Katrin Krieger
Zeit Donnerstag, 13:00–15:00
Turnus wöchentlich vom 07.04.2016 bis zum 30.06.2016
Raum G29-E036
Unterrichtssprache Englisch
Punkte 6 ECTS
Verzeichnis Link zum Verzeichniseintrag

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Writing is an essential skill in science. Cases of plagiarism in the last years that have been discussed in public show that writing is a hard task not everyone can master.

For many students, especially in computer science, scientific writing - for software projects, seminar essays and bachelor's and master's theses - is a big challenge. Often they are not sure what scientific writing looks like, what are tested approaches and methods, and which rules have to be followed.

In this seminar which will be held as an interactive workshop we will discuss central aspects of scientific writing in depth. Theoretical approaches will be tried and tested in practical exercises and homework assignments. Furthermore, we will talk about scientific methods and argumentation in computer science as well as ethical questions regarding authorship.

We will work in this seminar with the following books:

  • Justin Zobel: Writing for Computer Science - The art of effective communication 3rd edition, Springer, 2004, 280pp. (you can download this book as PDF free of charge from within the university network )
  • Tim Skern: Writing Scientific English: A Workbook UTB, Stuttgart, 2009

This seminar will be held in english.

The skill of writing can only be acquired and mastered, if you read and write on a regular basis, ideally daily. Hence, in this seminar we will read and write a lot, be it in class as well as in homework assignments. You have to hand in your assignments in order to get credit points for this seminar. During the course of this seminar you will write a paper, write reviews for your classmates' papers and revise your own work.

Prerequisites for passing this course (6 ECTS):

  • frequent attendance of classes
  • active participation in classes
  • handing in all homework assignments (this is important as the homework assignments will contribute to your student project paper)
  • successful completion of the student project

Registration for this course

If you want to attend this course, write us an e-mail. Your mail should include your name, matriculation number, program of studies and — most importantly — a short statement why you want to attend this course.

We have 12 spots for this course. The rule is first come - first serve. So the first 12 students have a guaranteed spot in this course. Additional students will have a waiting spot on the list.


(international) M.Sc. students