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Michael Piotrowski, Mario Amelung, and Dietmar Rösner (2007)

Tactical, document-oriented e-learning components

In: Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference e-Learning 2007, ed. by Miguel Baptista Nunes and Maggie McPherson, pp. 171--177, Lisbon, Portugal, IADIS Press.

Most university e-learning strategies mandate the use of a centralized university-wide learning platform. The learning management systems typically employed in this function are “integrated” platforms, i.e., large-scale systems providing most common e-learning functions in a single application. There are,however, a number of issues with this type of systems: Due to their size and complexity they can be difficult and expensive to operate and administrate; and we feel that they are not flexible enough to allow teachers to make tactical decisions; and, since these systems cannot be used for the management of “normal” Web sites, they separate learning content from other content and duplicate functionality and administration. This paper presents an alternative approach: E-learning components that extend a general-purpose content management system with e-learning functionality, enabling the use of a single platform for learning and non-learning content and the creation of tailor-made e-learning environments.