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Milan Gnjatović and Dietmar Rösner (2008)

The NIMITEK Corpus of Affected Behavior in Human-Machine Interaction

In: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Corpora for Research on Emotion and Affect (satellite of LREC'08), pp. 5--8, Marrakech, Morocco, European Language Resources Association (ELRA), ISBN: 2-9517408-4-0.

This paper presents the NIMITEK corpus of affected behavior in human-machine interaction. It contains 15 hours of audio and video recordings produced during a refined Wizard-of-Oz (WOZ) experiment designed to induce emotional reactions. Ten native German speakers participated in the experiment. The language used in the experiment was German. During the process of collecting the corpus proper attention was devoted to the issue of its ecological validity. Besides the fact that the refined WOZ simulation gave the opportunity to control development of the dialogue, the problem of role-playing subject was also successfully addressed. The evaluation of the corpus with respect to its emotional content demonstrated a satisfying level of ecological validity. We summarize evaluation results in the following points. The corpus contains recordings of genuine emotions that were overtly signaled. It is not oriented to extreme representations of a few emotions only but comprises also expressions of less intense emotions. Emotional expressions of diverse emotions are extended in modality (voice and facial gesture) and time. In addition, different classes of non-neutral talking style are marked in the obtained data.