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Manuela Kunze and Dietmar Rösner (2003)

Natural Language Processing for Web Document Analysis

In: Web Document Analysis – Challenges and Opportunities, ed. by A. Antonacopoulos and J. Hu. World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte.Ltd., New Jersey, chap. 4, pp. 59-78. Series in Machine Perception and Artificial Intelligence.

In this chapter we present an approach to the analysis of web documents — and other electronically available document collections — that is based on the combination of XML technology with NLP techniques. A key issue addressed is to offer end users a collection of highly interoperable and flexible tools for their experiments with document collections. These tools should be easy to use and as robust as possible. XML is chosen as a uniform encoding for all kinds of data: input and output of modules, process information and linguistic resources. This allows effective sharing and reuse of generic solutions for many tasks (e.g. search, presentation, statistics, transformation).
ISBN 981-238-582-7